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experiment666's Journal

31 August 1979
I was born. or was it hatched? In anycase, before I didn't exist and now I do. I belong to a wonderful pittsburgh fencing club known as Corsair. All three fencing weapons, small sword, and rapier. So I'm searching for a place in the world and not finding much. argh.
6 month manchego, action movies, alchem inc. dagger blades, anti-war, audio fiction, bruises, casper the lap-cat, celtic music, chew toys for humans, coexisting pain and pleasure, crazy taxi, drinking songs, easy diy projects, eating noah's ark, epee, fighting games, fire, fireworks, foil, free celtic sheet music, germanic myth, green tiger press, growling, horror movies, irish music, jim henson, klingons, lakitu, legos, old blind dogs, other, paper toys, peace, percussive cuts, puppy-cat dido, rain, rapier, roald dahl, sabre, scottish music, sharp pointy sticks!, socialism, steampunk, stout, swords, tin whistle, torture racks for stretching, wisdom-fish salmon, wolvie