Kehlar (experiment666) wrote,

The thanksgiving day menu.
Muhammera spelled wrong.
Root veggie casserole: potatoes, rutabaga, cauliflower, leeks, cheese sauce
Mashed Celeriac: w/ roasted hazelnuts and hazelnut oil
roasted Hubbard? squash with dried cranberries;
cranberry sauce w/ orange zest,
quince salad w/ optional dressing and optional blue cheese (so for me lettuce and cooked quince)
bread store bought & spice bread that my mom made but wasn't sweet.
olives stuffed w/ almonds store bought from wegman's
brussels sprouts pan seared: they were sort of steamed first and then seared, although they did tend to tear apart when they were removed.
Cheese plate, something soft and two somethings not soft. tasty. soft was good with the spiced bread.
Pumpkin Pie
beverages: Cabernet, vino verde, and water

later in the evening, I think. fireplace roasted chestnuts and ruby port

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