Kehlar (experiment666) wrote,

70's story telling is oddly compelling in an excruciatingly boring sort of way. Why am i watching The Man Who Fell to Earth? I'm pretty sure this is the sort of movie my parents would have taken me to. Something difficult to watch with vaguely awkward sex scenes and something interesting presented in an intensely slow and boring way. Also what the fuck is with the random whale song? The special effects are good, the shooting style is horrid. The sound effects are obnoxious. The movie's pace is something like glass. Oh good we're getting artistic with amoebas and bowie sex scenes. argh. ahh, abrasive aesthetics. Ugh hand held shots. What good is using rocket sounds with a motor boat? This kind of movie makes me want to gauge out my eyes. I think it's going to get a two star rating. Banjo music? I mean it's pretty good banjo music but why? Bowie looks like an albino with red hair, I'm not sure why this is cured in the labyrinth, maybe he had eaten by the 80s.

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