Kehlar (experiment666) wrote,

I made ebelskiver! with goat cheese dill and chives. I split it in thirds which is a pain in the ass especially accounting for the 1/3 of two eggs separated.
so swiss and mushrooms might be good.
roasted red pepper and maybe caramelized onions?
dill pickle and something perhaps... dill pickle strong cheese and potato?
I guess it makes the most sense to prep the different fillings first and then make a batch of batter as big as you can justify I like a small metal kabob stick for moving the ebelskiver but my mom's pan is cast iron not non-stick
Then a chopstick for flipping it.
reading all-pro not a lot of game yet and while I guess that would get monotonous it kind of makes all-pro start a little slow.
goat cheese and gorey alien football

Oh and Teatree ice cream from penn state creamery- color: Pepto-Bismol Pink
flavor: a gentle mint blended with a gentle cinnamon for a distinctly particular flavor of chewing gum.
It's stunning and amusing. I highly recommend it for accompaniment of a castle cake and a barbie themed birthday party

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