Kehlar (experiment666) wrote,

I'm enjoying a universal memory format today. Checking out what uses SD or SDHC cards in my life. My li'l old blue digital camera (8.2 MP), My cowon mp3 player, My Nintendo DSi, my personal sound track shirt, and both my netbook and my laptop, Oh and a card reader for back-up/non standard formats like compact flash. The tv accepts sd cards too.
So my sound track shirt came with a 125mb sd card- plenty because the longer the sound bites are the more annoying they are - plus with an aux in cable I can play my mp3 player through the shirt.
My camera came with a 1gb card which is now in my dsi because until I decide to put more mp4s no m4as on the card I probably won't be tempted to use the dsi as the m4a player it can be.
My 32 gb cowon can be supplemented with sd cards full of files, making it's effective size much larger- as well as making it easier to add files without the usb/firewire cable. The cowon takes a ridiculous number of formats, flac, mp3, ogg, without that being the end of the formats- as well as txt, avi (specific formatting required) and jpg. oh it must play wma because it records in that format.
The sound track shirt plays mp3s.
I suppose that leaves me asking why my camera can't play any sound files.
I should grab a keychain with a hooking thing to carry a battery of sd cards currently I can carry 4 extra although I only have one extra. I guess when cybernetics come out I should get an sd read/writer installed.

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